Additional Revenue Calculator

How using MoneyGaps to offer an additional advice option can add to your practice revenues.

Add a MoneyGaps experience on top of what you're doing now

Using the calculator below, you can estimate the extra revenue you could generate for your practice by incorporating MoneyGaps as an additional service offering.


First Year Fee: This is normally higher to reflect the higher level of intensity in getting clients set up.

Annual Retainer After First Year: Some advisors use an annual retainer fee that is half the first year fee. This annual retainer would be charged every year (after the first year). Some advisors charge 75% of the first year fee.

New Clients Taken On Per Year: Estimate how many clients you might offer this type of service to.

Churn Rate: The calculator will reduce the client base of clients on retainer by this percentage annually.

Other assumptions: This calculator subtracts the annual cost of a premium MoneyGaps subscription (regular price $890 + tax).

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