Additional Revenue Calculator

Additional Revenue Calculator

Quickly estimate how adding MoneyGaps to your practice can help your bottom line. You can add a retainer model of advice to your existing practice for clients who want advice but don't have a lot of investable assets, or who would prefer paying for advice in a different manner.

One of the many ways that advisors have been using MoneyGaps is to offer an additional tier of service that allows them to tap into a new market of clientele.

Advisors who currently operate on a %-of-assets model know that many households make good money but may not have large investment portfolios. With MoneyGaps, it's now possible to offer a retainer model of advice (charging the client directly) that is based on a set schedule of fees: a First Year fee, followed by an Annual Retainer fee.

We have created a calculator that can help you estimate how adding this type of tier of service can open up a new market of financial consumers to your practice and add to your bottom line.

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